Living Together Beautifully

Premium HOSpitality & AMazing Properties MEET Shared CO-Living

Property Locales 

Core Curated traits: 

Beautiful Design 

We only source the best properties and help bring in first class design elements.

Curated CommunITy

Within our co-living spaces we create a collective atmosphere and community events designed to encourage authentic connection. Expert community curators and vetted community members help make our spaces all they can be.


With our optimized workspaces working from anywhere is made easier than ever.

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Flexible Stays  

Short and long term stay options. Come for a break or stay more permanently.

Mindful Wellness

   Frequent onsite yoga + meditation and free passes to local studios. We also curate locally sourced communal dinners and an emphasis on health is weaved into everything we do. 

Culture & Adventure 

 We aim to offer adventure & culture excursions both big and small.



 Become A Property Partner 


Share Your Property With Us

We partner with property owners to work out mutually beneficial agreements for exclusive rental management of their whole property. We can curate our own elements, experiences, and community within their property. We also fully manage potential legal and liability concerns.  


LEt US Host For You

Not completely ready to let us fully take over your space?  Have concerns with hosting yourself? Let us handle basic hosting and management for you on Airbnb or other home sharing platforms and take away all the hassle and stress on your end. We can still provide an amazing, yet much more hands-off experience for guests. Further, you can leverage the power of experienced super hosts who are part of our team.  


Invest with Us

Invest with us in high potential properties that we can strategically curate and also can add units and livable rooms to in low overhead, innovative manners. We can provide significantly above market rents for investors.